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  Windows Applications
   :: Alert Master
   :: Publitor

  MFC Programming articles
   :: Getting pragmatic with warnings
   :: Message Only Window Tutorial
   :: How to make an ISAPI redirection filter
   :: Simple InstallShield tutorial
   :: The Groovyness of the Gallery
   :: CRichEditCtrl and a popup menu
Sohocode Website
Created by bryce

This is my new website design, I'm not quite sure where its going to from here. But we'll see how things progress. In the meantime, try some of the links, especially the Snot Goblin link on the right hand side.

  Cool Stuff I like
   ::, a news website for NZ
   :: SlashDot, very cool
   :: Rubber Band Machine gun
   :: Wired Magazine

   :: The Snot Goblin (kids book)
   :: Kukjae Hapkido
   :: Ourlakes Website
   :: Publitor
   :: The Code Project
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